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Interface ComponentsM9L909SchemasCassandraclusterpublicstatusPropertiesDatacentersItemsPropertiesNodesItems

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  • ComponentsM9L909SchemasCassandraclusterpublicstatusPropertiesDatacentersItemsPropertiesNodesItems



Optional address

address: undefined | string

The node's IP address.

Optional cpuUsage

cpuUsage: undefined | number

A float representing the current system-wide CPU utilization as a percentage.

Optional diskFreeKB

diskFreeKB: undefined | number

The amount of disk free, in kB, of the directory /var/lib/cassandra.

Optional diskUsedKB

diskUsedKB: undefined | number

The amount of disk used, in kB, of the directory /var/lib/cassandra.

Optional hostID

hostID: undefined | string

The network ID of the node.

Optional load

load: undefined | string

The amount of file system data in the data directory (e.g., 47.66 kB), excluding all content in the snapshots subdirectories. Because all SSTable data files are included, any data that is not cleaned up (such as TTL-expired cells or tombstones) is counted.

Optional memoryBuffersAndCachedKB

memoryBuffersAndCachedKB: undefined | number

Memory used by kernel buffers (Buffers in /proc/meminfo) and page cache and slabs (Cached and SReclaimable in /proc/meminfo), in kB.

Optional memoryFreeKB

memoryFreeKB: undefined | number

Unused memory (MemFree and SwapFree in /proc/meminfo), in kB.

Optional memoryTotalKB

memoryTotalKB: undefined | number

Total installed memory (MemTotal and SwapTotal in /proc/meminfo), in kB.

Optional memoryUsedKB

memoryUsedKB: undefined | number

Used memory (calculated as total - free - buffers - cache), in kB.

Optional rack

rack: undefined | string

The rack this node is part of.

Optional size

size: undefined | number

Optional state

state: NodeState

The state of the node in Cassandra ring.

Optional status

status: undefined | string

Optional timestamp

timestamp: undefined | string

The timestamp at which that snapshot of these usage statistics were taken.

Optional tokens

tokens: string[]

List of tokens this node covers.

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