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Interface AuthenticationMethodLdapProperties

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Ldap authentication method properties. This feature is in preview.


  • AuthenticationMethodLdapProperties



Optional searchBaseDistinguishedName

searchBaseDistinguishedName: undefined | string

Distinguished name of the object to start the recursive search of users from.

Optional searchFilterTemplate

searchFilterTemplate: undefined | string

Template to use for searching. Defaults to (cn=%s) where %s will be replaced by the username used to login.

Optional serverCertificates

serverCertificates: Certificate[]

Optional serverHostname

serverHostname: undefined | string

Hostname of the LDAP server.

Optional serverPort

serverPort: undefined | number

Port of the LDAP server.

Optional serviceUserDistinguishedName

serviceUserDistinguishedName: undefined | string

Distinguished name of the look up user account, who can look up user details on authentication.

Optional serviceUserPassword

serviceUserPassword: undefined | string

Password of the look up user.

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