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Interface DataFeedDetailPatch

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  • DataFeedDetailPatch



Optional actionLinkTemplate

actionLinkTemplate: undefined | string

action link for alert

Optional admins

admins: string[]

data feed administrator

Optional allUpIdentification

allUpIdentification: undefined | string

the identification value for the row of calculated all-up value.

Optional authenticationType

authenticationType: AuthenticationTypeEnum

authentication type for corresponding data source

Optional credentialId

credentialId: undefined | string

The credential entity id

Optional dataFeedDescription

dataFeedDescription: undefined | string

data feed description

Optional dataFeedName

dataFeedName: undefined | string

data feed name


dataSourceType: "AzureApplicationInsights" | "AzureBlob" | "AzureCosmosDB" | "AzureDataExplorer" | "AzureDataLakeStorageGen2" | "AzureEventHubs" | "AzureLogAnalytics" | "AzureTable" | "InfluxDB" | "MySql" | "PostgreSql" | "SqlServer" | "MongoDB"

Polymorphic discriminator, which specifies the different types this object can be

Optional dataStartFrom

dataStartFrom: Date

ingestion start time

Optional fillMissingPointType

fillMissingPointType: FillMissingPointType

the type of fill missing point for anomaly detection

Optional fillMissingPointValue

fillMissingPointValue: undefined | number

the value of fill missing point for anomaly detection

Optional maxConcurrency

maxConcurrency: undefined | number

the max concurrency of data ingestion queries against user data source. 0 means no limitation.

Optional minRetryIntervalInSeconds

minRetryIntervalInSeconds: undefined | number

the min retry interval for failed data ingestion tasks.

Optional needRollup

needRollup: NeedRollupEnum

mark if the data feed need rollup

Optional rollUpColumns

rollUpColumns: string[]

roll up columns

Optional rollUpMethod

rollUpMethod: RollUpMethod

roll up method

Optional startOffsetInSeconds

startOffsetInSeconds: undefined | number

the time that the beginning of data ingestion task will delay for every data slice according to this offset.

Optional status

status: EntityStatus

data feed status

Optional stopRetryAfterInSeconds

stopRetryAfterInSeconds: undefined | number

stop retry data ingestion after the data slice first schedule time in seconds.

Optional timestampColumn

timestampColumn: undefined | string

user-defined timestamp column. if timestampColumn is null, start time of every time slice will be used as default value.

Optional viewMode

viewMode: ViewMode

data feed access mode, default is Private

Optional viewers

viewers: string[]

data feed viewer

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