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Interface DocumentField

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An object representing the content and location of a field value. An extracted field. The kind property identifies (discriminates) the type of the DocumentField.


  • DocumentField



Optional boundingRegions

boundingRegions: BoundingRegion[]

Bounding regions covering the field.

Optional confidence

confidence: undefined | number

Confidence of correctly extracting the field.

Optional content

content: undefined | string

Field content.

Optional spans

spans: DocumentSpan[]

Location of the field in the reading order concatenated content.


Data type of the field value.

Optional valueArray

valueArray: DocumentField[]

Array of field values.

Optional valueCountryRegion

valueCountryRegion: undefined | string

3-letter country code value (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3).

Optional valueDate

valueDate: Date

Date value in YYYY-MM-DD format (ISO 8601).

Optional valueInteger

valueInteger: undefined | number

Integer value.

Optional valueNumber

valueNumber: undefined | number

Floating point value.

Optional valueObject

valueObject: undefined | {}

Dictionary of named field values.

Optional valuePhoneNumber

valuePhoneNumber: undefined | string

Phone number value in E.164 format (ex. +19876543210).

Optional valueSelectionMark

valueSelectionMark: SelectionMarkState

Selection mark value.

Optional valueSignature

valueSignature: DocumentSignatureType

Presence of signature.

Optional valueString

valueString: undefined | string

String value.

Optional valueTime

valueTime: undefined | string

Time value in hh:mm:ss format (ISO 8601). This value should be an ISO-8601 formatted string representing time. E.g. "HH:MM:SS" or "HH:MM:SS.mm".

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