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abandon(String, Message<T>) - Method in class
Abandons the message in this context.
addProcessorFactoryCustomizer(ServiceBusProcessorFactoryCustomizer) - Method in class
Add a processor factory customizer.
addProducerFactoryCustomizer(ServiceBusProducerFactoryCustomizer) - Method in class
Add a producer factory customizer.

C - package
The Spring Cloud Azure Stream Binder Service Bus package. - package
Service Bus stream binder configuration. - package
Service Bus stream binder channel provision.
createConsumerEndpoint(ConsumerDestination, String, ExtendedConsumerProperties<ServiceBusConsumerProperties>) - Method in class
createProducerMessageHandler(ProducerDestination, ExtendedProducerProperties<ServiceBusProducerProperties>, MessageChannel) - Method in class
customize(ServiceBusProcessorFactory) - Method in interface
Customize the Service Bus processor factory.
customize(ServiceBusProducerFactory) - Method in interface
Customize the Service Bus producer factory.


deadLetter(String, Message<T>, String, String) - Method in class
Moves a message to the dead-letter sub-queue with dead-letter reason.
doHealthCheck(Health.Builder) - Method in class


getDefaultsPrefix() - Method in class
getErrorMessageHandler(ConsumerDestination, String, ExtendedConsumerProperties<ServiceBusConsumerProperties>) - Method in class
getErrorMessageStrategy() - Method in class
getExtendedConsumerProperties(String) - Method in class
getExtendedProducerProperties(String) - Method in class
getExtendedPropertiesEntryClass() - Method in class
getInstrumentationManager() - Method in class
Get instrumentation manager.


serviceBusBinder(ServiceBusChannelProvisioner, ServiceBusExtendedBindingProperties, ObjectProvider<NamespaceProperties>, ObjectProvider<ServiceBusMessageConverter>, ObjectProvider<ServiceBusProducerFactoryCustomizer>, ObjectProvider<ServiceBusProcessorFactoryCustomizer>) - Method in class
ServiceBusBinderConfiguration - Class in
ServiceBusBinderConfiguration() - Constructor for class
ServiceBusBinderHealthIndicatorConfiguration - Class in
Auto configuration for ServiceBusHealthIndicator.
ServiceBusBinderHealthIndicatorConfiguration() - Constructor for class
serviceBusChannelProvisioner() - Method in class
ServiceBusChannelResourceManagerProvisioner - Class in
ServiceBusChannelResourceManagerProvisioner(String, ServiceBusProvisioner) - Constructor for class
Construct a ServiceBusChannelResourceManagerProvisioner with the specified namespace and ServiceBusProvisioner.
serviceBusHealthIndicator(ServiceBusMessageChannelBinder) - Method in class
Declare Service Bus Health Indicator bean.
ServiceBusHealthIndicator - Class in
Implementation of a AbstractHealthIndicator returning status information for service bus queue.
ServiceBusHealthIndicator(ServiceBusMessageChannelBinder) - Constructor for class
ServiceBusMessageChannelBinder - Class in
ServiceBusMessageChannelBinder(String[], ServiceBusChannelProvisioner) - Constructor for class
Construct a ServiceBusMessageChannelBinder with the specified headersToEmbed and ServiceBusChannelProvisioner.
ServiceBusProcessorFactoryCustomizer - Interface in
Called by the binder to customize the ServiceBusProcessorFactory.
ServiceBusProducerFactoryCustomizer - Interface in
Called by the binder to customize the ServiceBusProducerFactory.
setBindingProperties(ServiceBusExtendedBindingProperties) - Method in class
Set binding properties.
setMessageConverter(ServiceBusMessageConverter) - Method in class
Set message converter.
setNamespaceProperties(NamespaceProperties) - Method in class
Set namespace properties.


validateOrCreateForConsumer(String, String, ServiceBusEntityType) - Method in class
validateOrCreateForProducer(String, ServiceBusEntityType) - Method in class
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