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afterPropertiesSet() - Method in class

C - package
Service Bus properties core abstraction. - package
Service Bus provision core abstraction.


getBindings() - Method in class
Get Bindings.
getConsumer() - Method in class
Get the consumer properties.
getDefaultsPrefix() - Method in class
getExtendedPropertiesEntryClass() - Method in class
getName() - Method in class
getName() - Method in class
getNameForPartition(int) - Method in class
getProducer() - Method in class
Get the producer properties.
getSendTimeout() - Method in class
Get send time out.


isRequeueRejected() - Method in class
Controls if the failed messages are routed to the DLQ
isSync() - Method in class
Check whether is sync.


provisionConsumerDestination(String, String, ExtendedConsumerProperties<ServiceBusConsumerProperties>) - Method in class
provisionProducerDestination(String, ExtendedProducerProperties<ServiceBusProducerProperties>) - Method in class


ServiceBusBindingProperties - Class in
ServiceBusBindingProperties() - Constructor for class
ServiceBusChannelProvisioner - Class in
ServiceBusChannelProvisioner() - Constructor for class
ServiceBusConsumerDestination - Class in
ServiceBusConsumerDestination(String) - Constructor for class
Construct a ServiceBusConsumerDestination with the specified name.
ServiceBusConsumerProperties - Class in
Service Bus consumer properties.
ServiceBusConsumerProperties() - Constructor for class
ServiceBusExtendedBindingProperties - Class in
ServiceBusExtendedBindingProperties() - Constructor for class
ServiceBusProducerDestination - Class in
ServiceBusProducerDestination(String) - Constructor for class
Construct a ServiceBusProducerDestination with the specified name.
ServiceBusProducerProperties - Class in
ServiceBusProducerProperties() - Constructor for class
setConsumer(ServiceBusConsumerProperties) - Method in class
Set the consumer properties
setProducer(ServiceBusProducerProperties) - Method in class
Set the producer properties.
setRequeueRejected(boolean) - Method in class
Set checkpoint mode.
setSendTimeout(Duration) - Method in class
Set send time out.
setSync(boolean) - Method in class
Set sync.


validateOrCreateForConsumer(String, String, ServiceBusEntityType) - Method in class
Validate or create for consumer.
validateOrCreateForProducer(String, ServiceBusEntityType) - Method in class
Validate or create for producer.
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