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addProcessorFactoryCustomizer(EventHubsProcessorFactoryCustomizer) - Method in class
Add a processor factory customizer.
addProducerFactoryCustomizer(EventHubsProducerFactoryCustomizer) - Method in class
Add a producer factory customizer.

C - package
The Spring Cloud Azure Stream Binder Event Hubs package. - package
Event Hubs stream binder configuration. - package
Event Hubs stream binder channel provision.
createConsumerEndpoint(ConsumerDestination, String, ExtendedConsumerProperties<EventHubsConsumerProperties>) - Method in class
createProducerMessageHandler(ProducerDestination, ExtendedProducerProperties<EventHubsProducerProperties>, MessageChannel) - Method in class
customize(EventHubsProcessorFactory) - Method in interface
Customize the processor factory.
customize(EventHubsProducerFactory) - Method in interface
Customize the producer factory.


doHealthCheck(Health.Builder) - Method in class


eventHubBinder(EventHubsChannelProvisioner, EventHubsExtendedBindingProperties, ObjectProvider<NamespaceProperties>, ObjectProvider<CheckpointStore>, ObjectProvider<EventHubsProducerFactoryCustomizer>, ObjectProvider<EventHubsProcessorFactoryCustomizer>) - Method in class
eventHubChannelProvisioner() - Method in class
Declare the EventHubsChannelProvisioner bean.
EventHubsBinderConfiguration - Class in
EventHubsBinderConfiguration() - Constructor for class
EventHubsChannelResourceManagerProvisioner - Class in
EventHubsChannelResourceManagerProvisioner(String, EventHubsProvisioner) - Constructor for class
Construct a EventHubsChannelResourceManagerProvisioner with the specified namespace and EventHubsProvisioner.
EventHubsHealthIndicator - Class in
Health indicator for Event Hubs.
EventHubsHealthIndicator(EventHubsMessageChannelBinder) - Constructor for class
EventHubsMessageChannelBinder - Class in
EventHubsMessageChannelBinder(String[], EventHubsChannelProvisioner) - Constructor for class
Construct a EventHubsMessageChannelBinder with the specified headers to embed and EventHubsChannelProvisioner.
EventHubsProcessorFactoryCustomizer - Interface in
Called by the binder to customize the EventHubsProcessorFactory.
EventHubsProducerFactoryCustomizer - Interface in
Called by the binder to customize the EventHubsProducerFactory.


getDefaultsPrefix() - Method in class
getExtendedConsumerProperties(String) - Method in class
getExtendedProducerProperties(String) - Method in class
getExtendedPropertiesEntryClass() - Method in class


setBindingProperties(EventHubsExtendedBindingProperties) - Method in class
Set binding properties.
setCheckpointStore(CheckpointStore) - Method in class
Set checkpoint store.
setNamespaceProperties(NamespaceProperties) - Method in class
Set namespace properties.


validateOrCreateForConsumer(String, String) - Method in class
validateOrCreateForProducer(String) - Method in class
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