Class BlobStorageException

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public final class BlobStorageException extends
A BlobStorageException is thrown whenever Azure Storage successfully returns an error code that is not 200-level. Users can inspect the status code and error code to determine the cause of the error response. The exception message may also contain more detailed information depending on the type of error. The user may also inspect the raw HTTP response or call toString to get the full payload of the error response if present. Note that even some expected "errors" will be thrown as a BlobStorageException. For example, some users may perform a getProperties request on an entity to determine whether it exists or not. If it does not exists, an exception will be thrown even though this may be considered an expected indication of absence in this case.

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  • Constructor Details

    • BlobStorageException

      public BlobStorageException(String message, response, Object value)
      Constructs a BlobStorageException.
      message - the exception message or the response content if a message is not available.
      response - the HTTP response.
      value - the error code of the exception.
  • Method Details

    • getErrorCode

      public BlobErrorCode getErrorCode()
      The error code returned by the service.
    • getServiceMessage

      public String getServiceMessage()
      The message returned by the service.
    • getStatusCode

      public int getStatusCode()
      The status code on the response.