Class SemanticConfiguration


public final class SemanticConfiguration extends Object
Defines a specific configuration to be used in the context of semantic capabilities.
  • Constructor Details

    • SemanticConfiguration

      public SemanticConfiguration(String name, PrioritizedFields prioritizedFields)
      Creates an instance of SemanticConfiguration class.
      name - the name value to set.
      prioritizedFields - the prioritizedFields value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
      Get the name property: The name of the semantic configuration.
      the name value.
    • getPrioritizedFields

      public PrioritizedFields getPrioritizedFields()
      Get the prioritizedFields property: Describes the title, content, and keyword fields to be used for semantic ranking, captions, highlights, and answers. At least one of the three sub properties (titleField, prioritizedKeywordsFields and prioritizedContentFields) need to be set.
      the prioritizedFields value.