Class SearchIndexerStatus


public final class SearchIndexerStatus extends Object
Represents the current status and execution history of an indexer.
  • Constructor Details

    • SearchIndexerStatus

      public SearchIndexerStatus(IndexerStatus status, List<IndexerExecutionResult> executionHistory, SearchIndexerLimits limits)
      Creates an instance of SearchIndexerStatus class.
      status - the status value to set.
      executionHistory - the executionHistory value to set.
      limits - the limits value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getStatus

      public IndexerStatus getStatus()
      Get the status property: Overall indexer status.
      the status value.
    • getLastResult

      public IndexerExecutionResult getLastResult()
      Get the lastResult property: The result of the most recent or an in-progress indexer execution.
      the lastResult value.
    • getExecutionHistory

      public List<IndexerExecutionResult> getExecutionHistory()
      Get the executionHistory property: History of the recent indexer executions, sorted in reverse chronological order.
      the executionHistory value.
    • getLimits

      public SearchIndexerLimits getLimits()
      Get the limits property: The execution limits for the indexer.
      the limits value.