Class SearchIndexerLimits


public final class SearchIndexerLimits extends Object
The SearchIndexerLimits model.
  • Constructor Details

    • SearchIndexerLimits

      public SearchIndexerLimits()
  • Method Details

    • getMaxRunTime

      public Duration getMaxRunTime()
      Get the maxRunTime property: The maximum duration that the indexer is permitted to run for one execution.
      the maxRunTime value.
    • getMaxDocumentExtractionSize

      public Long getMaxDocumentExtractionSize()
      Get the maxDocumentExtractionSize property: The maximum size of a document, in bytes, which will be considered valid for indexing.
      the maxDocumentExtractionSize value.
    • getMaxDocumentContentCharactersToExtract

      public Long getMaxDocumentContentCharactersToExtract()
      Get the maxDocumentContentCharactersToExtract property: The maximum number of characters that will be extracted from a document picked up for indexing.
      the maxDocumentContentCharactersToExtract value.