Class SearchIndexerKnowledgeStore


public final class SearchIndexerKnowledgeStore extends Object
Definition of additional projections to azure blob, table, or files, of enriched data.
  • Constructor Details

    • SearchIndexerKnowledgeStore

      public SearchIndexerKnowledgeStore(String storageConnectionString, List<SearchIndexerKnowledgeStoreProjection> projections)
      Creates an instance of SearchIndexerKnowledgeStore class.
      storageConnectionString - the storageConnectionString value to set.
      projections - the projections value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getStorageConnectionString

      public String getStorageConnectionString()
      Get the storageConnectionString property: The connection string to the storage account projections will be stored in.
      the storageConnectionString value.
    • getProjections

      public List<SearchIndexerKnowledgeStoreProjection> getProjections()
      Get the projections property: A list of additional projections to perform during indexing.
      the projections value.