Class PatternReplaceTokenFilter


public final class PatternReplaceTokenFilter extends TokenFilter
A character filter that replaces characters in the input string. It uses a regular expression to identify character sequences to preserve and a replacement pattern to identify characters to replace. For example, given the input text "aa bb aa bb", pattern "(aa)\s+(bb)", and replacement "$1#$2", the result would be "aa#bb aa#bb". This token filter is implemented using Apache Lucene.
  • Constructor Details

    • PatternReplaceTokenFilter

      public PatternReplaceTokenFilter(String name, String pattern, String replacement)
      name - The name of the token filter. It must only contain letters, digits, spaces, dashes or underscores, can only start and end with alphanumeric characters, and is limited to 128 characters.
      pattern - A regular expression pattern.
      replacement - The replacement text.
  • Method Details

    • getPattern

      public String getPattern()
      Get the pattern property: A regular expression pattern.
      the pattern value.
    • getReplacement

      public String getReplacement()
      Get the replacement property: The replacement text.
      the replacement value.