Class PatternReplaceCharFilter


public final class PatternReplaceCharFilter extends CharFilter
A character filter that replaces characters in the input string. It uses a regular expression to identify character sequences to preserve and a replacement pattern to identify characters to replace. For example, given the input text "aa bb aa bb", pattern "(aa)\s+(bb)", and replacement "$1#$2", the result would be "aa#bb aa#bb". This character filter is implemented using Apache Lucene.
  • Constructor Details

    • PatternReplaceCharFilter

      public PatternReplaceCharFilter(String name, String pattern, String replacement)
      Creates an instance of PatternReplaceCharFilter class.
      name - the name value to set.
      pattern - the pattern value to set.
      replacement - the replacement value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getPattern

      public String getPattern()
      Get the pattern property: A regular expression pattern.
      the pattern value.
    • getReplacement

      public String getReplacement()
      Get the replacement property: The replacement text.
      the replacement value.