Class MappingCharFilter


public final class MappingCharFilter extends CharFilter
A character filter that applies mappings defined with the mappings option. Matching is greedy (longest pattern matching at a given point wins). Replacement is allowed to be the empty string. This character filter is implemented using Apache Lucene.
  • Constructor Details

    • MappingCharFilter

      public MappingCharFilter(String name, List<String> mappings)
      Creates an instance of MappingCharFilter class.
      name - the name value to set.
      mappings - the mappings value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getMappings

      public List<String> getMappings()
      Get the mappings property: A list of mappings of the following format: "a=>b" (all occurrences of the character "a" will be replaced with character "b").
      the mappings value.