Class IndexerExecutionResult


public final class IndexerExecutionResult extends Object
Represents the result of an individual indexer execution.
  • Constructor Details

    • IndexerExecutionResult

      public IndexerExecutionResult(IndexerExecutionStatus status, List<SearchIndexerError> errors, List<SearchIndexerWarning> warnings, int itemCount, int failedItemCount)
      Creates an instance of IndexerExecutionResult class.
      status - the status value to set.
      errors - the errors value to set.
      warnings - the warnings value to set.
      itemCount - the itemCount value to set.
      failedItemCount - the failedItemCount value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getStatus

      public IndexerExecutionStatus getStatus()
      Get the status property: The outcome of this indexer execution.
      the status value.
    • getStatusDetail

      public IndexerExecutionStatusDetail getStatusDetail()
      Get the statusDetail property: The outcome of this indexer execution.
      the statusDetail value.
    • getCurrentState

      public IndexerCurrentState getCurrentState()
      Get the currentState property: All of the state that defines and dictates the indexer's current execution.
      the currentState value.
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
      Get the errorMessage property: The error message indicating the top-level error, if any.
      the errorMessage value.
    • getStartTime

      public OffsetDateTime getStartTime()
      Get the startTime property: The start time of this indexer execution.
      the startTime value.
    • getEndTime

      public OffsetDateTime getEndTime()
      Get the endTime property: The end time of this indexer execution, if the execution has already completed.
      the endTime value.
    • getErrors

      public List<SearchIndexerError> getErrors()
      Get the errors property: The item-level indexing errors.
      the errors value.
    • getWarnings

      public List<SearchIndexerWarning> getWarnings()
      Get the warnings property: The item-level indexing warnings.
      the warnings value.
    • getItemCount

      public int getItemCount()
      Get the itemCount property: The number of items that were processed during this indexer execution. This includes both successfully processed items and items where indexing was attempted but failed.
      the itemCount value.
    • getFailedItemCount

      public int getFailedItemCount()
      Get the failedItemCount property: The number of items that failed to be indexed during this indexer execution.
      the failedItemCount value.
    • getInitialTrackingState

      public String getInitialTrackingState()
      Get the initialTrackingState property: Change tracking state with which an indexer execution started.
      the initialTrackingState value.
    • getFinalTrackingState

      public String getFinalTrackingState()
      Get the finalTrackingState property: Change tracking state with which an indexer execution finished.
      the finalTrackingState value.