Class DistanceScoringParameters


public final class DistanceScoringParameters extends Object
Provides parameter values to a distance scoring function.
  • Constructor Details

    • DistanceScoringParameters

      public DistanceScoringParameters(String referencePointParameter, double boostingDistance)
      Creates an instance of DistanceScoringParameters class.
      referencePointParameter - the referencePointParameter value to set.
      boostingDistance - the boostingDistance value to set.
  • Method Details

    • getReferencePointParameter

      public String getReferencePointParameter()
      Get the referencePointParameter property: The name of the parameter passed in search queries to specify the reference location.
      the referencePointParameter value.
    • getBoostingDistance

      public double getBoostingDistance()
      Get the boostingDistance property: The distance in kilometers from the reference location where the boosting range ends.
      the boostingDistance value.