Interface PipelineTopology

  • public interface PipelineTopology
    An immutable client-side representation of PipelineTopology.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        String id()
        Gets the id property: Fully qualified resource Id for the resource.
        the id value.
      • name

        String name()
        Gets the name property: The name of the resource.
        the name value.
      • type

        String type()
        Gets the type property: The type of the resource.
        the type value.
      • kind

        Kind kind()
        Gets the kind property: Topology kind.
        the kind value.
      • sku

        Sku sku()
        Gets the sku property: Describes the properties of a SKU.
        the sku value.
      • systemData systemData()
        Gets the systemData property: Azure Resource Manager metadata containing createdBy and modifiedBy information.
        the systemData value.
      • description

        String description()
        Gets the description property: An optional description of the pipeline topology. It is recommended that the expected use of the topology to be described here.
        the description value.
      • parameters

        List<ParameterDeclaration> parameters()
        Gets the parameters property: List of the topology parameter declarations. Parameters declared here can be referenced throughout the topology nodes through the use of "${PARAMETER_NAME}" string pattern. Parameters can have optional default values and can later be defined in individual instances of the pipeline.
        the parameters value.
      • sources

        List<SourceNodeBase> sources()
        Gets the sources property: List of the topology source nodes. Source nodes enable external data to be ingested by the pipeline.
        the sources value.
      • processors

        List<ProcessorNodeBase> processors()
        Gets the processors property: List of the topology processor nodes. Processor nodes enable pipeline data to be analyzed, processed or transformed.
        the processors value.
      • sinks

        List<SinkNodeBase> sinks()
        Gets the sinks property: List of the topology sink nodes. Sink nodes allow pipeline data to be stored or exported.
        the sinks value.
      • resourceGroupName

        String resourceGroupName()
        Gets the name of the resource group.
        the name of the resource group.
      • innerModel

        PipelineTopologyInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.
      • update

        PipelineTopology.Update update()
        Begins update for the PipelineTopology resource.
        the stage of resource update.
      • refresh

        PipelineTopology refresh()
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        the refreshed resource.
      • refresh

        PipelineTopology refresh​( context)
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        context - The context to associate with this operation.
        the refreshed resource.