Class VideoContentTokenInner

  • public final class VideoContentTokenInner
    extends Object
    "Video content token grants access to the video content URLs.".
    • Constructor Detail

      • VideoContentTokenInner

        public VideoContentTokenInner()
    • Method Detail

      • expirationDate

        public OffsetDateTime expirationDate()
        Get the expirationDate property: The content token expiration date in ISO8601 format (eg. 2021-01-01T00:00:00Z).
        the expirationDate value.
      • token

        public String token()
        Get the token property: The content token value to be added to the video content URL as the value for the "token" query string parameter. The token is specific to a single video.
        the token value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.