Class EdgeModuleProvisioningTokenInner

  • public final class EdgeModuleProvisioningTokenInner
    extends Object
    Provisioning token properties. A provisioning token allows for a single instance of Azure Video analyzer IoT edge module to be initialized and authorized to the cloud account. The provisioning token itself is short lived and it is only used for the initial handshake between IoT edge module and the cloud. After the initial handshake, the IoT edge module will agree on a set of authentication keys which will be auto-rotated as long as the module is able to periodically connect to the cloud. A new provisioning token can be generated for the same IoT edge module in case the module state lost or reset.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EdgeModuleProvisioningTokenInner

        public EdgeModuleProvisioningTokenInner()
    • Method Detail

      • expirationDate

        public OffsetDateTime expirationDate()
        Get the expirationDate property: The expiration date of the registration token. The Azure Video Analyzer IoT edge module must be initialized and connected to the Internet prior to the token expiration date.
        the expirationDate value.
      • token

        public String token()
        Get the token property: The token blob to be provided to the Azure Video Analyzer IoT edge module through the Azure IoT Edge module twin properties.
        the token value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.