Interface SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessmentRuleBaseline.DefinitionStages.WithParentResource

    • Method Detail

      • withExistingRule

        SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessmentRuleBaseline.DefinitionStages.WithCreate withExistingRule​(String resourceGroupName,
                                                                                                String workspaceName,
                                                                                                String sqlPoolName,
                                                                                                VulnerabilityAssessmentName vulnerabilityAssessmentName,
                                                                                                String ruleId)
        Specifies resourceGroupName, workspaceName, sqlPoolName, vulnerabilityAssessmentName, ruleId.
        resourceGroupName - The name of the resource group. The name is case insensitive.
        workspaceName - The name of the workspace.
        sqlPoolName - SQL pool name.
        vulnerabilityAssessmentName - The name of the vulnerability assessment.
        ruleId - The vulnerability assessment rule ID.
        the next definition stage.