Interface SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessment

  • public interface SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessment
    An immutable client-side representation of SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessment.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        String id()
        Gets the id property: Fully qualified resource Id for the resource.
        the id value.
      • name

        String name()
        Gets the name property: The name of the resource.
        the name value.
      • type

        String type()
        Gets the type property: The type of the resource.
        the type value.
      • storageContainerPath

        String storageContainerPath()
        Gets the storageContainerPath property: A blob storage container path to hold the scan results (e.g. It is required if server level vulnerability assessment policy doesn't set.
        the storageContainerPath value.
      • storageContainerSasKey

        String storageContainerSasKey()
        Gets the storageContainerSasKey property: A shared access signature (SAS Key) that has write access to the blob container specified in 'storageContainerPath' parameter. If 'storageAccountAccessKey' isn't specified, StorageContainerSasKey is required.
        the storageContainerSasKey value.
      • storageAccountAccessKey

        String storageAccountAccessKey()
        Gets the storageAccountAccessKey property: Specifies the identifier key of the storage account for vulnerability assessment scan results. If 'StorageContainerSasKey' isn't specified, storageAccountAccessKey is required.
        the storageAccountAccessKey value.
      • innerModel

        SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessmentInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.
      • refresh

        SqlPoolVulnerabilityAssessment refresh​( context)
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        context - The context to associate with this operation.
        the refreshed resource.