Interface ServerSecurityAlertPolicy

  • public interface ServerSecurityAlertPolicy
    An immutable client-side representation of ServerSecurityAlertPolicy.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        String id()
        Gets the id property: Fully qualified resource Id for the resource.
        the id value.
      • name

        String name()
        Gets the name property: The name of the resource.
        the name value.
      • type

        String type()
        Gets the type property: The type of the resource.
        the type value.
      • state

        SecurityAlertPolicyState state()
        Gets the state property: Specifies the state of the policy, whether it is enabled or disabled or a policy has not been applied yet on the specific server.
        the state value.
      • disabledAlerts

        List<String> disabledAlerts()
        Gets the disabledAlerts property: Specifies an array of alerts that are disabled. Allowed values are: Sql_Injection, Sql_Injection_Vulnerability, Access_Anomaly, Data_Exfiltration, Unsafe_Action.
        the disabledAlerts value.
      • emailAddresses

        List<String> emailAddresses()
        Gets the emailAddresses property: Specifies an array of e-mail addresses to which the alert is sent.
        the emailAddresses value.
      • emailAccountAdmins

        Boolean emailAccountAdmins()
        Gets the emailAccountAdmins property: Specifies that the alert is sent to the account administrators.
        the emailAccountAdmins value.
      • storageEndpoint

        String storageEndpoint()
        Gets the storageEndpoint property: Specifies the blob storage endpoint (e.g. This blob storage will hold all Threat Detection audit logs.
        the storageEndpoint value.
      • storageAccountAccessKey

        String storageAccountAccessKey()
        Gets the storageAccountAccessKey property: Specifies the identifier key of the Threat Detection audit storage account.
        the storageAccountAccessKey value.
      • retentionDays

        Integer retentionDays()
        Gets the retentionDays property: Specifies the number of days to keep in the Threat Detection audit logs.
        the retentionDays value.
      • creationTime

        OffsetDateTime creationTime()
        Gets the creationTime property: Specifies the UTC creation time of the policy.
        the creationTime value.
      • innerModel

        ServerSecurityAlertPolicyInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.
      • refresh

        ServerSecurityAlertPolicy refresh​( context)
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        context - The context to associate with this operation.
        the refreshed resource.