Interface IntegrationRuntimeConnectionInfo

  • public interface IntegrationRuntimeConnectionInfo
    An immutable client-side representation of IntegrationRuntimeConnectionInfo.
    • Method Detail

      • serviceToken

        String serviceToken()
        Gets the serviceToken property: The token generated in service. Callers use this token to authenticate to integration runtime.
        the serviceToken value.
      • identityCertThumbprint

        String identityCertThumbprint()
        Gets the identityCertThumbprint property: The integration runtime SSL certificate thumbprint. Click-Once application uses it to do server validation.
        the identityCertThumbprint value.
      • hostServiceUri

        String hostServiceUri()
        Gets the hostServiceUri property: The on-premises integration runtime host URL.
        the hostServiceUri value.
      • version

        String version()
        Gets the version property: The integration runtime version.
        the version value.
      • publicKey

        String publicKey()
        Gets the publicKey property: The public key for encrypting a credential when transferring the credential to the integration runtime.
        the publicKey value.
      • isIdentityCertExprired

        Boolean isIdentityCertExprired()
        Gets the isIdentityCertExprired property: Whether the identity certificate is expired.
        the isIdentityCertExprired value.
      • additionalProperties

        Map<String,​Object> additionalProperties()
        Gets the additionalProperties property: Connection information for encrypting the on-premises data source credentials.
        the additionalProperties value.
      • innerModel

        IntegrationRuntimeConnectionInfoInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.