Class VirtualMachineTemplateInventoryItem

  • public final class VirtualMachineTemplateInventoryItem
    extends InventoryItemProperties
    The Virtual machine template inventory item.
    • Constructor Detail

      • VirtualMachineTemplateInventoryItem

        public VirtualMachineTemplateInventoryItem()
    • Method Detail

      • cpuCount

        public Integer cpuCount()
        Get the cpuCount property: Gets or sets the desired number of vCPUs for the vm.
        the cpuCount value.
      • memoryMB

        public Integer memoryMB()
        Get the memoryMB property: MemoryMB is the desired size of a virtual machine's memory, in MB.
        the memoryMB value.
      • osType

        public OsType osType()
        Get the osType property: Gets or sets the type of the os.
        the osType value.
      • osName

        public String osName()
        Get the osName property: Gets or sets os name.
        the osName value.