Class RemediationDeploymentInner

  • public final class RemediationDeploymentInner
    extends Object
    Details of a single deployment created by the remediation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • RemediationDeploymentInner

        public RemediationDeploymentInner()
    • Method Detail

      • remediatedResourceId

        public String remediatedResourceId()
        Get the remediatedResourceId property: Resource ID of the resource that is being remediated by the deployment.
        the remediatedResourceId value.
      • deploymentId

        public String deploymentId()
        Get the deploymentId property: Resource ID of the template deployment that will remediate the resource.
        the deploymentId value.
      • status

        public String status()
        Get the status property: Status of the remediation deployment.
        the status value.
      • resourceLocation

        public String resourceLocation()
        Get the resourceLocation property: Location of the resource that is being remediated.
        the resourceLocation value.
      • error

        public error()
        Get the error property: Error encountered while remediated the resource.
        the error value.
      • createdOn

        public OffsetDateTime createdOn()
        Get the createdOn property: The time at which the remediation was created.
        the createdOn value.
      • lastUpdatedOn

        public OffsetDateTime lastUpdatedOn()
        Get the lastUpdatedOn property: The time at which the remediation deployment was last updated.
        the lastUpdatedOn value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.