Interface WorkspaceProperties

  • public interface WorkspaceProperties
    An immutable client-side representation of WorkspaceProperties.
    • Method Detail

      • workspaceId

        String workspaceId()
        Gets the workspaceId property: The immutable id associated with this workspace.
        the workspaceId value.
      • description

        String description()
        Gets the description property: The description of this workspace.
        the description value.
      • friendlyName

        String friendlyName()
        Gets the friendlyName property: The friendly name for this workspace. This name in mutable.
        the friendlyName value.
      • keyVault

        String keyVault()
        Gets the keyVault property: ARM id of the key vault associated with this workspace. This cannot be changed once the workspace has been created.
        the keyVault value.
      • applicationInsights

        String applicationInsights()
        Gets the applicationInsights property: ARM id of the application insights associated with this workspace.
        the applicationInsights value.
      • containerRegistry

        String containerRegistry()
        Gets the containerRegistry property: ARM id of the container registry associated with this workspace.
        the containerRegistry value.
      • storageAccount

        String storageAccount()
        Gets the storageAccount property: ARM id of the storage account associated with this workspace. This cannot be changed once the workspace has been created.
        the storageAccount value.
      • discoveryUrl

        String discoveryUrl()
        Gets the discoveryUrl property: Url for the discovery service to identify regional endpoints for machine learning experimentation services.
        the discoveryUrl value.
      • provisioningState

        ProvisioningState provisioningState()
        Gets the provisioningState property: The current deployment state of workspace resource. The provisioningState is to indicate states for resource provisioning.
        the provisioningState value.
      • encryption

        EncryptionProperty encryption()
        Gets the encryption property: The encryption settings of Azure ML workspace.
        the encryption value.
      • hbiWorkspace

        Boolean hbiWorkspace()
        Gets the hbiWorkspace property: The flag to signal HBI data in the workspace and reduce diagnostic data collected by the service.
        the hbiWorkspace value.
      • serviceProvisionedResourceGroup

        String serviceProvisionedResourceGroup()
        Gets the serviceProvisionedResourceGroup property: The name of the managed resource group created by workspace RP in customer subscription if the workspace is CMK workspace.
        the serviceProvisionedResourceGroup value.
      • privateLinkCount

        Integer privateLinkCount()
        Gets the privateLinkCount property: Count of private connections in the workspace.
        the privateLinkCount value.
      • imageBuildCompute

        String imageBuildCompute()
        Gets the imageBuildCompute property: The compute name for image build.
        the imageBuildCompute value.
      • allowPublicAccessWhenBehindVnet

        Boolean allowPublicAccessWhenBehindVnet()
        Gets the allowPublicAccessWhenBehindVnet property: The flag to indicate whether to allow public access when behind VNet.
        the allowPublicAccessWhenBehindVnet value.
      • publicNetworkAccess

        PublicNetworkAccess publicNetworkAccess()
        Gets the publicNetworkAccess property: Whether requests from Public Network are allowed.
        the publicNetworkAccess value.
      • privateEndpointConnections

        List<PrivateEndpointConnection> privateEndpointConnections()
        Gets the privateEndpointConnections property: The list of private endpoint connections in the workspace.
        the privateEndpointConnections value.
      • sharedPrivateLinkResources

        List<SharedPrivateLinkResource> sharedPrivateLinkResources()
        Gets the sharedPrivateLinkResources property: The list of shared private link resources in this workspace.
        the sharedPrivateLinkResources value.
      • notebookInfo

        NotebookResourceInfo notebookInfo()
        Gets the notebookInfo property: The notebook info of Azure ML workspace.
        the notebookInfo value.
      • serviceManagedResourcesSettings

        ServiceManagedResourcesSettings serviceManagedResourcesSettings()
        Gets the serviceManagedResourcesSettings property: The service managed resource settings.
        the serviceManagedResourcesSettings value.
      • primaryUserAssignedIdentity

        String primaryUserAssignedIdentity()
        Gets the primaryUserAssignedIdentity property: The user assigned identity resource id that represents the workspace identity.
        the primaryUserAssignedIdentity value.
      • tenantId

        String tenantId()
        Gets the tenantId property: The tenant id associated with this workspace.
        the tenantId value.
      • storageHnsEnabled

        Boolean storageHnsEnabled()
        Gets the storageHnsEnabled property: If the storage associated with the workspace has hierarchical namespace(HNS) enabled.
        the storageHnsEnabled value.
      • mlFlowTrackingUri

        String mlFlowTrackingUri()
        Gets the mlFlowTrackingUri property: The URI associated with this workspace that machine learning flow must point at to set up tracking.
        the mlFlowTrackingUri value.
      • innerModel

        WorkspacePropertiesInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.