Interface EndpointPropertiesBase

  • public interface EndpointPropertiesBase
    An immutable client-side representation of EndpointPropertiesBase.
    • Method Detail

      • authMode

        EndpointAuthMode authMode()
        Gets the authMode property: [Required] Use 'Key' for key based authentication and 'AMLToken' for Azure Machine Learning token-based authentication. 'Key' doesn't expire but 'AMLToken' does.
        the authMode value.
      • description

        String description()
        Gets the description property: Description of the inference endpoint.
        the description value.
      • keys

        EndpointAuthKeys keys()
        Gets the keys property: EndpointAuthKeys to set initially on an Endpoint. This property will always be returned as null. AuthKey values must be retrieved using the ListKeys API.
        the keys value.
      • properties

        Map<String,​String> properties()
        Gets the properties property: Property dictionary. Properties can be added, but not removed or altered.
        the properties value.
      • scoringUri

        String scoringUri()
        Gets the scoringUri property: Endpoint URI.
        the scoringUri value.
      • swaggerUri

        String swaggerUri()
        Gets the swaggerUri property: Endpoint Swagger URI.
        the swaggerUri value.
      • innerModel

        EndpointPropertiesBaseInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.