Class AmlComputeNodeInformation

  • public final class AmlComputeNodeInformation
    extends Object
    Compute node information related to a AmlCompute.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AmlComputeNodeInformation

        public AmlComputeNodeInformation()
    • Method Detail

      • nodeId

        public String nodeId()
        Get the nodeId property: Node ID. ID of the compute node.
        the nodeId value.
      • privateIpAddress

        public String privateIpAddress()
        Get the privateIpAddress property: Private IP address. Private IP address of the compute node.
        the privateIpAddress value.
      • publicIpAddress

        public String publicIpAddress()
        Get the publicIpAddress property: Public IP address. Public IP address of the compute node.
        the publicIpAddress value.
      • port

        public Integer port()
        Get the port property: Port. SSH port number of the node.
        the port value.
      • nodeState

        public NodeState nodeState()
        Get the nodeState property: State of the compute node. Values are idle, running, preparing, unusable, leaving and preempted.
        the nodeState value.
      • runId

        public String runId()
        Get the runId property: Run ID. ID of the Experiment running on the node, if any else null.
        the runId value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.