Class ReservationRecommendationDetailsSavingsProperties

  • public final class ReservationRecommendationDetailsSavingsProperties
    extends Object
    Details of the estimated savings.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReservationRecommendationDetailsSavingsProperties

        public ReservationRecommendationDetailsSavingsProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • lookBackPeriod

        public Integer lookBackPeriod()
        Get the lookBackPeriod property: Number of days of usage to look back used for computing the recommendation.
        the lookBackPeriod value.
      • recommendedQuantity

        public Float recommendedQuantity()
        Get the recommendedQuantity property: Number of recommended units of the resource.
        the recommendedQuantity value.
      • reservationOrderTerm

        public String reservationOrderTerm()
        Get the reservationOrderTerm property: Term period of the reservation, ex: P1Y or P3Y.
        the reservationOrderTerm value.
      • savingsType

        public String savingsType()
        Get the savingsType property: Type of savings, ex: instance.
        the savingsType value.
      • unitOfMeasure

        public String unitOfMeasure()
        Get the unitOfMeasure property: Measurement unit ex: hour etc.
        the unitOfMeasure value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.