Interface Budget

  • public interface Budget
    An immutable client-side representation of Budget.
    • Method Detail

      • id

        String id()
        Gets the id property: Fully qualified resource Id for the resource.
        the id value.
      • name

        String name()
        Gets the name property: The name of the resource.
        the name value.
      • type

        String type()
        Gets the type property: The type of the resource.
        the type value.
      • etag

        String etag()
        Gets the etag property: eTag of the resource. To handle concurrent update scenario, this field will be used to determine whether the user is updating the latest version or not.
        the etag value.
      • category

        CategoryType category()
        Gets the category property: The category of the budget, whether the budget tracks cost or usage.
        the category value.
      • amount

        BigDecimal amount()
        Gets the amount property: The total amount of cost to track with the budget.
        the amount value.
      • timeGrain

        TimeGrainType timeGrain()
        Gets the timeGrain property: The time covered by a budget. Tracking of the amount will be reset based on the time grain. BillingMonth, BillingQuarter, and BillingAnnual are only supported by WD customers.
        the timeGrain value.
      • timePeriod

        BudgetTimePeriod timePeriod()
        Gets the timePeriod property: Has start and end date of the budget. The start date must be first of the month and should be less than the end date. Budget start date must be on or after June 1, 2017. Future start date should not be more than twelve months. Past start date should be selected within the timegrain period. There are no restrictions on the end date.
        the timePeriod value.
      • filter

        BudgetFilter filter()
        Gets the filter property: May be used to filter budgets by user-specified dimensions and/or tags.
        the filter value.
      • currentSpend

        CurrentSpend currentSpend()
        Gets the currentSpend property: The current amount of cost which is being tracked for a budget.
        the currentSpend value.
      • notifications

        Map<String,​Notification> notifications()
        Gets the notifications property: Dictionary of notifications associated with the budget. Budget can have up to five notifications.
        the notifications value.
      • forecastSpend

        ForecastSpend forecastSpend()
        Gets the forecastSpend property: The forecasted cost which is being tracked for a budget.
        the forecastSpend value.
      • innerModel

        BudgetInner innerModel()
        Gets the inner object.
        the inner object.
      • update

        Budget.Update update()
        Begins update for the Budget resource.
        the stage of resource update.
      • refresh

        Budget refresh()
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        the refreshed resource.
      • refresh

        Budget refresh​( context)
        Refreshes the resource to sync with Azure.
        context - The context to associate with this operation.
        the refreshed resource.