Class ReservationSummaryInner

  • public final class ReservationSummaryInner
    reservation summary resource.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReservationSummaryInner

        public ReservationSummaryInner()
    • Method Detail

      • etag

        public String etag()
        Get the etag property: The etag for the resource.
        the etag value.
      • tags

        public Map<String,​String> tags()
        Get the tags property: Resource tags.
        the tags value.
      • reservationOrderId

        public String reservationOrderId()
        Get the reservationOrderId property: The reservation order ID is the identifier for a reservation purchase. Each reservation order ID represents a single purchase transaction. A reservation order contains reservations. The reservation order specifies the VM size and region for the reservations.
        the reservationOrderId value.
      • reservationId

        public String reservationId()
        Get the reservationId property: The reservation ID is the identifier of a reservation within a reservation order. Each reservation is the grouping for applying the benefit scope and also specifies the number of instances to which the reservation benefit can be applied to.
        the reservationId value.
      • skuName

        public String skuName()
        Get the skuName property: This is the ARM Sku name. It can be used to join with the serviceType field in additional info in usage records.
        the skuName value.
      • reservedHours

        public BigDecimal reservedHours()
        Get the reservedHours property: This is the total hours reserved. E.g. if reservation for 1 instance was made on 1 PM, this will be 11 hours for that day and 24 hours from subsequent days.
        the reservedHours value.
      • usageDate

        public OffsetDateTime usageDate()
        Get the usageDate property: Data corresponding to the utilization record. If the grain of data is monthly, it will be first day of month.
        the usageDate value.
      • usedHours

        public BigDecimal usedHours()
        Get the usedHours property: Total used hours by the reservation.
        the usedHours value.
      • minUtilizationPercentage

        public BigDecimal minUtilizationPercentage()
        Get the minUtilizationPercentage property: This is the minimum hourly utilization in the usage time (day or month). E.g. if usage record corresponds to 12/10/2017 and on that for hour 4 and 5, utilization was 10%, this field will return 10% for that day.
        the minUtilizationPercentage value.
      • avgUtilizationPercentage

        public BigDecimal avgUtilizationPercentage()
        Get the avgUtilizationPercentage property: This is average utilization for the entire time range. (day or month depending on the grain).
        the avgUtilizationPercentage value.
      • maxUtilizationPercentage

        public BigDecimal maxUtilizationPercentage()
        Get the maxUtilizationPercentage property: This is the maximum hourly utilization in the usage time (day or month). E.g. if usage record corresponds to 12/10/2017 and on that for hour 4 and 5, utilization was 100%, this field will return 100% for that day.
        the maxUtilizationPercentage value.
      • kind

        public String kind()
        Get the kind property: The reservation kind.
        the kind value.
      • purchasedQuantity

        public BigDecimal purchasedQuantity()
        Get the purchasedQuantity property: This is the purchased quantity for the reservationId.
        the purchasedQuantity value.
      • remainingQuantity

        public BigDecimal remainingQuantity()
        Get the remainingQuantity property: This is the remaining quantity for the reservationId.
        the remainingQuantity value.
      • totalReservedQuantity

        public BigDecimal totalReservedQuantity()
        Get the totalReservedQuantity property: This is the total count of instances that are reserved for the reservationId.
        the totalReservedQuantity value.
      • usedQuantity

        public BigDecimal usedQuantity()
        Get the usedQuantity property: This is the used quantity for the reservationId.
        the usedQuantity value.
      • utilizedPercentage

        public BigDecimal utilizedPercentage()
        Get the utilizedPercentage property: This is the utilized percentage for the reservation Id.
        the utilizedPercentage value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.