Interface VirtualMachineAssessPatchesResult

public interface VirtualMachineAssessPatchesResult
An immutable client-side representation of VirtualMachineAssessPatchesResult.
  • Method Details

    • status

      Gets the status property: The overall success or failure status of the operation. It remains "InProgress" until the operation completes. At that point it will become "Unknown", "Failed", "Succeeded", or "CompletedWithWarnings.".
      the status value.
    • assessmentActivityId

      String assessmentActivityId()
      Gets the assessmentActivityId property: The activity ID of the operation that produced this result.
      the assessmentActivityId value.
    • rebootPending

      Boolean rebootPending()
      Gets the rebootPending property: The overall reboot status of the VM. It will be true when partially installed patches require a reboot to complete installation but the reboot has not yet occurred.
      the rebootPending value.
    • availablePatchCountByClassification

      AvailablePatchCountByClassification availablePatchCountByClassification()
      Gets the availablePatchCountByClassification property: Summarization of patches available for installation on the machine by classification.
      the availablePatchCountByClassification value.
    • startDateTime

      OffsetDateTime startDateTime()
      Gets the startDateTime property: The UTC timestamp when the operation began.
      the startDateTime value.
    • lastModifiedDateTime

      OffsetDateTime lastModifiedDateTime()
      Gets the lastModifiedDateTime property: The UTC timestamp when the operation finished.
      the lastModifiedDateTime value.
    • startedBy

      Gets the startedBy property: Indicates if operation was triggered by user or by platform.
      the startedBy value.
    • patchServiceUsed

      PatchServiceUsed patchServiceUsed()
      Gets the patchServiceUsed property: Specifies the patch service used for the operation.
      the patchServiceUsed value.
    • osType

      OsTypeUM osType()
      Gets the osType property: The operating system type of the machine.
      the osType value.
    • errorDetails

      ErrorDetail errorDetails()
      Gets the errorDetails property: Error details.

      The errors that were encountered during execution of the operation. The details array contains the list of them.

      the errorDetails value.
    • innerModel

      Gets the inner object.
      the inner object.