Class OperationDisplay

  • public final class OperationDisplay
    extends Object
    Localized display information for this particular operation.
    • Constructor Detail

      • OperationDisplay

        public OperationDisplay()
    • Method Detail

      • provider

        public String provider()
        Get the provider property: The localized friendly form of the resource provider name, e.g. "Microsoft Monitoring Insights" or "Microsoft Compute".
        the provider value.
      • resource

        public String resource()
        Get the resource property: The localized friendly name of the resource type related to this operation. E.g. "Virtual Machines" or "Job Schedule Collections".
        the resource value.
      • operation

        public String operation()
        Get the operation property: The concise, localized friendly name for the operation; suitable for dropdowns. E.g. "Create or Update Virtual Machine", "Restart Virtual Machine".
        the operation value.
      • description

        public String description()
        Get the description property: The short, localized friendly description of the operation; suitable for tool tips and detailed views.
        the description value.
      • validate

        public void validate()
        Validates the instance.
        IllegalArgumentException - thrown if the instance is not valid.