Class AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse

All Implemented Interfaces:<AlertProcessingRuleInner>

public final class AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse extends<AlertProcessingRulesUpdateHeaders,AlertProcessingRuleInner>
Contains all response data for the update operation.
  • Constructor Details

    • AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse

      public AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse( request, int statusCode, rawHeaders, AlertProcessingRuleInner value, AlertProcessingRulesUpdateHeaders headers)
      Creates an instance of AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse.
      request - the request which resulted in this AlertProcessingRulesUpdateResponse.
      statusCode - the status code of the HTTP response.
      rawHeaders - the raw headers of the HTTP response.
      value - the deserialized value of the HTTP response.
      headers - the deserialized headers of the HTTP response.
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