Class SearchAddressResultItem


public final class SearchAddressResultItem extends Object
Result object for a Search API response.
  • Constructor Details

    • SearchAddressResultItem

      public SearchAddressResultItem()
  • Method Details

    • getType

      public SearchAddressResultType getType()
      Get the type property: One of: * POI * Street * Geography * Point Address * Address Range * Cross Street.
      the type value.
    • getId

      public String getId()
      Get the id property: Id property.
      the id value.
    • getScore

      public Double getScore()
      Get the score property: The value within a result set to indicate the relative matching score between results. You can use this to determine that result x is twice as likely to be as relevant as result y if the value of x is 2x the value of y. The values vary between queries and is only meant as a relative value for one result set.
      the score value.
    • getDistanceInMeters

      public Double getDistanceInMeters()
      Get the distanceInMeters property: Straight line distance between the result and geobias location in meters.
      the distanceInMeters value.
    • getInfo

      public String getInfo()
      Get the info property: Information about the original data source of the Result. Used for support requests.
      the info value.
    • getEntityType

      public GeographicEntityType getEntityType()
      Get the entityType property: The entityType property.
      the entityType value.
    • setEntityType

      public SearchAddressResultItem setEntityType(GeographicEntityType entityType)
      Set the entityType property: The entityType property.
      entityType - the entityType value to set.
      the SearchAddressResultItem object itself.
    • getPointOfInterest

      public PointOfInterest getPointOfInterest()
      Get the pointOfInterest property: Details of the returned POI including information such as the name, phone, url address, and classifications.
      the pointOfInterest value.
    • getAddress

      public MapsSearchAddress getAddress()
      Get the address property: The address of the result.
      the address value.
    • getPosition

      public getPosition()
      Get the position property: A location represented as a latitude and longitude using short names 'lat' & 'lon'.
      the position value.
    • getBoundingBox

      public getBoundingBox()
      Get the viewport property: The viewport that covers the result represented by the top-left and bottom-right coordinates of the viewport.
      the viewport value.
    • getEntryPoints

      public List<EntryPoint> getEntryPoints()
      Get the entryPoints property: Array of EntryPoints. Those describe the types of entrances available at the location. The type can be "main" for main entrances such as a front door, or a lobby, and "minor", for side and back doors.
      the entryPoints value.
    • getAddressRanges

      public AddressRanges getAddressRanges()
      Get the addressRanges property: Describes the address range on both sides of the street for a search result. Coordinates for the start and end locations of the address range are included.
      the addressRanges value.
    • getDataSource

      public DataSource getDataSource()
      Get the dataSources property: Optional section. Reference geometry id for use with the [Get Search Polygon]( API.
      the dataSources value.
    • getMatchType

      public MatchType getMatchType()
      Get the matchType property: Information on the type of match.

      One of: * AddressPoint * HouseNumberRange * Street.

      the matchType value.
    • getDetourTime

      public Integer getDetourTime()
      Get the detourTime property: Detour time in seconds. Only returned for calls to the Search Along Route API.
      the detourTime value.