Class BatchSearchResult


public final class BatchSearchResult extends Object
This object is returned from a successful Search Address Batch service call.
  • Constructor Details

    • BatchSearchResult

      public BatchSearchResult()
      Creates a new BatchSearchResult with default properties.
    • BatchSearchResult

      public BatchSearchResult(BatchResultSummary batchSummary, List<SearchAddressBatchItem> batchItems)
      Creates a new BatchSearchResult with a summary and batch items.
      batchSummary - the summary of this batch's search results.
      batchItems - the items returned in this search.
  • Method Details

    • getBatchSummary

      public BatchResultSummary getBatchSummary()
      Get the batchSummary property: Summary of the results for the batch request.
      the batchSummary value.
    • getBatchItems

      public List<SearchAddressBatchItem> getBatchItems()
      Get the batchItems property: Array containing the batch results.
      the batchItems value.
    • getBatchId

      public String getBatchId()
      Return this id for this batch. Only available when the batch is cached.
      the batch id
    • setBatchId

      public void setBatchId(String batchId)
      Sets the if of this batch.
      batchId - the id of this batch, returned from the asynchronous API.