Class AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder

public class AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder extends AadCredentialBuilderBase<AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder>
Fluent credential builder for instantiating a AuthorizationCodeCredential.
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  • Constructor Details

    • AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder

      public AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder()
  • Method Details

    • authorizationCode

      public AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder authorizationCode(String authCode)
      Sets the authorization code on the builder.
      authCode - the authorization code acquired from user login
      the AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder itself
    • redirectUrl

      public AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder redirectUrl(String redirectUrl)
      Sets redirect URL for the Oauth 2.0 login request, which must be registered as a valid redirect URL on the application. The authorization code will be sent to this URL, so it must be listening on this server and is able to complete the AuthorizationCodeCredential construction from there. This is also called Reply URLs in some contexts.
      redirectUrl - the redirect URL to send the authorization code
      the AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder itself
    • clientSecret

      public AuthorizationCodeCredentialBuilder clientSecret(String clientSecret)
      Sets the client secret for the authentication. This is required for AAD web apps. Do not set this for AAD native apps.
      clientSecret - the secret value of the AAD application.
      An updated instance of this builder.
    • build

      Creates a new AuthorizationCodeCredential with the current configurations.
      a AuthorizationCodeCredential with the current configurations.