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addEvent(String, Map<String, Object>, OffsetDateTime) - Method in class
addEvent(String, Map<String, Object>, OffsetDateTime, Context) - Method in class
addLink(Context) - Method in class

C - package
An OpenTelemetry implementation of the tracing APIs required by azure-core to enable users to effectively trace their calls and have this information submitted to an OpenTelemetry backend.
create() - Method in class


end(int, Throwable, Context) - Method in class
end(String, Throwable, Context) - Method in class
extractContext(String, Context) - Method in class


getSharedSpanBuilder(String, Context) - Method in class


makeSpanCurrent(Context) - Method in class


OpenTelemetryHttpPolicy - Class in
Pipeline policy that creates an OpenTelemetry span which traces the service request.
OpenTelemetryHttpPolicy() - Constructor for class
Creates new OpenTelemetry HttpPipelinePolicy with default global tracer
OpenTelemetryTracer - Class in
Basic tracing implementation class for use with REST and AMQP Service Clients to create Span and in-process context propagation.
OpenTelemetryTracer() - Constructor for class
Creates new OpenTelemetryTracer using default global tracer - GlobalOpenTelemetry.getTracer(String)


process(HttpPipelineCallContext, HttpPipelineNextPolicy) - Method in class


setAttribute(String, String, Context) - Method in class
setSpanName(String, Context) - Method in class
start(String, Context) - Method in class
start(String, Context, ProcessKind) - Method in class
start(String, StartSpanOptions, Context) - Method in class
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