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ApacheAvroSerializer - Class in
Apache Avro based implementation of the AvroSerializer interface.
ApacheAvroSerializerBuilder - Class in
Fluent builder class that configures and instantiates instances of ApacheAvroSerializer.
ApacheAvroSerializerBuilder() - Constructor for class
ApacheAvroSerializerProvider - Class in
Implementation of AvroSerializerProvider.
ApacheAvroSerializerProvider() - Constructor for class


build() - Method in class
Instantiates a new instance of ApacheAvroSerializer based on the configurations set on the builder.

C - package
Package containing the types for instantiating and using the Apache Avro serializer.
createInstance(String) - Method in class


decoderFactory(DecoderFactory) - Method in class
Configures the DecoderFactory that will be used to deserialize the Avro stream into an object.
deserialize(InputStream, TypeReference<T>) - Method in class
deserializeAsync(InputStream, TypeReference<T>) - Method in class
deserializeFromBytes(byte[], TypeReference<T>) - Method in class
deserializeFromBytesAsync(byte[], TypeReference<T>) - Method in class


encoderFactory(EncoderFactory) - Method in class
Configures the EncoderFactory that will be used to serialize an object into an Avro stream.


getSchema(Object) - Method in class
getSchemaName(Object) - Method in class


schema(String) - Method in class
Configures the schema that will be associated to the ApacheAvroSerializer when is called.
serialize(OutputStream, Object) - Method in class
serializeAsync(OutputStream, Object) - Method in class
specificData(SpecificData) - Method in class
Configures the SpecificData that will be used during serialization and deserialization of Avro.
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