Class CommunicationRelayConfiguration

  • public final class CommunicationRelayConfiguration
    extends Object
    A relay configuration containing the STUN/TURN URLs and credentials.
    • Constructor Detail

      • CommunicationRelayConfiguration

        public CommunicationRelayConfiguration()
    • Method Detail

      • getExpiresOn

        public OffsetDateTime getExpiresOn()
        Get the expiresOn property: The date for which the username and credentials are not longer valid. Will be 48 hours from request time.
        the expiresOn value.
      • getIceServers

        public List<CommunicationIceServer> getIceServers()
        Get the iceServers property: An array representing the credentials and the STUN/TURN server URLs for use in ICE negotiations.
        the iceServers value.