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Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult Struct Referencefinal

The serialized return result for operation: CreateDirectory.

#include <share_rest_client.hpp>

Public Attributes

Azure::ETag ETag
DateTime LastModified
bool IsServerEncrypted = bool()
FileSmbProperties SmbProperties
bool Created = true

Member Data Documentation

◆ Created

bool Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult::Created = true

If the object is created.

◆ ETag

Azure::ETag Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult::ETag

The ETag contains a value which represents the version of the directory, in quotes.

◆ IsServerEncrypted

bool Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult::IsServerEncrypted = bool()

A boolean that indicates if the server is encrypted.

◆ LastModified

DateTime Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult::LastModified

Returns the date and time the share was last modified. Any operation that modifies the directory or its properties updates the last modified time. Operations on files do not affect the last modified time of the directory.

◆ SmbProperties

FileSmbProperties Azure::Storage::Files::Shares::Models::CreateDirectoryResult::SmbProperties

The SMB related properties of the file or directory.

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