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Azure::Storage::Blobs::UploadBlockBlobOptions Struct Referencefinal

Optional parameters for Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlockBlobClient::Upload.

#include <blob_options.hpp>

Public Attributes

Azure::Nullable< ContentHash > TransactionalContentHash
 Hash of the blob content. This hash is used to verify the integrity of the blob during transport. When this header is specified, the storage service checks the hash that has arrived with the one that was sent.
Models::BlobHttpHeaders HttpHeaders
 The standard HTTP header system properties to set.
Storage::Metadata Metadata
 Name-value pairs associated with the blob as metadata.
Azure::Nullable< Models::AccessTierAccessTier
 Indicates the tier to be set on blob.
BlobAccessConditions AccessConditions
 Optional conditions that must be met to perform this operation.

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