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Azure::Storage::Blobs::StartBlobCopyFromUriOptions Struct Referencefinal

Optional parameters for Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobClient::StartCopyFromUri.

#include <blob_options.hpp>

Public Attributes

Storage::Metadata Metadata
 Specifies user-defined name-value pairs associated with the blob. If no name-value pairs are specified, the operation will copy the metadata from the source blob or file to the destination blob. If one or more name-value pairs are specified, the destination blob is created with the specified metadata, and metadata is not copied from the source blob or file.
BlobAccessConditions AccessConditions
 Optional conditions that must be met to perform this operation.
BlobAccessConditions SourceAccessConditions
 Optional conditions that the source must meet to perform this operation.
Azure::Nullable< Models::AccessTierAccessTier
 Specifies the tier to be set on the target blob.
Azure::Nullable< Models::RehydratePriorityRehydratePriority
 Indicates the priority with which to rehydrate an archived blob. The priority can be set on a blob only once. This header will be ignored on subsequent requests to the same blob.
Azure::Nullable< bool > ShouldSealDestination
 If the destination blob should be sealed. Only applicable for Append Blobs.

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