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Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey Struct Referencefinal

A user delegation key that can be used to sign user delegation SAS.

#include <blob_rest_client.hpp>

Public Attributes

std::string SignedObjectId
std::string SignedTenantId
Azure::DateTime SignedStartsOn
Azure::DateTime SignedExpiresOn
std::string SignedService
std::string SignedVersion
std::string Value

Member Data Documentation

◆ SignedExpiresOn

Azure::DateTime Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedExpiresOn

The expiry time of the user delegation key.

◆ SignedObjectId

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedObjectId

The immutable identifier for an object in the Microsoft identity system.

◆ SignedService

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedService

The service of the user delegation key can be used for.

◆ SignedStartsOn

Azure::DateTime Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedStartsOn

The start time of the user delegation key.

◆ SignedTenantId

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedTenantId

A GUID that represents the Azure AD tenant that the user is from.

◆ SignedVersion

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::SignedVersion

The rest api version used to get user delegation key.

◆ Value

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UserDelegationKey::Value

The signature of the user delegation key.

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