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Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult Struct Referencefinal

Response type for Azure::Storage::Blobs::PageBlobClient::UploadPages.

#include <blob_rest_client.hpp>

Public Attributes

Azure::ETag ETag
Azure::DateTime LastModified
Azure::Nullable< ContentHash > TransactionalContentHash
int64_t SequenceNumber = 0
bool IsServerEncrypted = false
Azure::Nullable< std::vector< uint8_t > > EncryptionKeySha256
Azure::Nullable< std::string > EncryptionScope

Member Data Documentation

◆ EncryptionKeySha256

Azure::Nullable<std::vector<uint8_t> > Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::EncryptionKeySha256

The SHA-256 hash of the encryption key used to encrypt the blob data and metadata.

◆ EncryptionScope

Azure::Nullable<std::string> Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::EncryptionScope

Name of the encryption scope used to encrypt the blob data and metadata.

◆ ETag

Azure::ETag Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::ETag

The ETag contains a value that you can use to perform operations conditionally.

◆ IsServerEncrypted

bool Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::IsServerEncrypted = false

True if the blob data and metadata are completely encrypted using the specified algorithm. Otherwise, the value is set to false (when the blob is unencrypted, or if only parts of the blob/application metadata are encrypted).

◆ LastModified

Azure::DateTime Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::LastModified

The date and time the container was last modified. Any operation that modifies the blob, including an update of the metadata or properties, changes the last-modified time of the blob.

◆ SequenceNumber

int64_t Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::SequenceNumber = 0

The current sequence number for a page blob. This value is null for block blobs or append blobs.

◆ TransactionalContentHash

Azure::Nullable<ContentHash> Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::UploadPagesResult::TransactionalContentHash

The request may return a CRC64 or MD5 hash for the downloaded range of data.

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