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Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::SetBlobHttpHeadersResult Struct Referencefinal

Response type for Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobClient::SetHttpHeaders.

#include <blob_rest_client.hpp>

Public Attributes

Azure::ETag ETag
Azure::DateTime LastModified
Azure::Nullable< int64_t > SequenceNumber

Member Data Documentation

◆ ETag

Azure::ETag Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::SetBlobHttpHeadersResult::ETag

The ETag contains a value that you can use to perform operations conditionally.

◆ LastModified

Azure::DateTime Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::SetBlobHttpHeadersResult::LastModified

The date and time the container was last modified. Any operation that modifies the blob, including an update of the metadata or properties, changes the last-modified time of the blob.

◆ SequenceNumber

Azure::Nullable<int64_t> Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::SetBlobHttpHeadersResult::SequenceNumber

The current sequence number for a page blob. This value is null for block blobs or append blobs.

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