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Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem Struct Referencefinal

A blob item from the result of Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobContainerClient::ListBlobs.

#include <blob_rest_client.hpp>

Public Attributes

std::string Name
int64_t BlobSize = 0
Models::BlobType BlobType
bool IsDeleted = false
std::string Snapshot
Azure::Nullable< std::string > VersionId
Azure::Nullable< bool > IsCurrentVersion
BlobItemDetails Details

Member Data Documentation

◆ BlobSize

int64_t Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::BlobSize = 0

Size of the blob.

◆ BlobType

Models::BlobType Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::BlobType

The blob's type.

◆ Details

BlobItemDetails Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::Details

Detailed information of the downloaded blob.

◆ IsCurrentVersion

Azure::Nullable<bool> Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::IsCurrentVersion

Indicates if this is the current version of the blob. This value is null if Blob Versioning is not enabled.

◆ IsDeleted

bool Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::IsDeleted = false

Indicates whether this blob was deleted.

◆ Snapshot

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::Snapshot

A string value that uniquely identifies a blob snapshot.

◆ VersionId

Azure::Nullable<std::string> Azure::Storage::Blobs::Models::BlobItem::VersionId

A string value that uniquely identifies the blob. This value is null if Blob Versioning is not enabled.

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