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Azure::Storage::Blobs::ListBlobsOptions Struct Referencefinal

Optional parameters for Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobContainerClient::ListBlobs and Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobContainerClient::ListBlobsByHierarchy.

#include <blob_options.hpp>

Public Attributes

Azure::Nullable< std::string > Prefix
 Specifies a string that filters the results to return only blobs whose name begins with the specified prefix.
Azure::Nullable< std::string > ContinuationToken
 A string value that identifies the portion of the list of blobs to be returned with the next listing operation. The operation returns a non-empty BlobsFlatSegment.ContinuationToken value if the listing operation did not return all blobs remaining to be listed with the current segment. The ContinuationToken value can be used as the value for the ContinuationToken parameter in a subsequent call to request the next segment of list items.
Azure::Nullable< int32_t > PageSizeHint
 Specifies the maximum number of blobs to return.
Models::ListBlobsIncludeFlags Include = Models::ListBlobsIncludeFlags::None
 Specifies one or more datasets to include in the response.

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