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Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobClientOptions Struct Referencefinal

Client options used to initialize all kinds of blob clients.

#include <blob_options.hpp>

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Public Attributes

Azure::Nullable< EncryptionKeyCustomerProvidedKey
 Holds the customer provided key used when making requests.
Azure::Nullable< std::string > EncryptionScope
 Holds the encryption scope used when making requests.
std::string SecondaryHostForRetryReads
std::string ApiVersion = _detail::ApiVersion

Member Data Documentation

◆ ApiVersion

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobClientOptions::ApiVersion = _detail::ApiVersion

API version used by this client.

◆ SecondaryHostForRetryReads

std::string Azure::Storage::Blobs::BlobClientOptions::SecondaryHostForRetryReads

SecondaryHostForRetryReads specifies whether the retry policy should retry a read operation against another host. If SecondaryHostForRetryReads is "" (the default) then operations are not retried against another host. NOTE: Before setting this field, make sure you understand the issues around reading stale & potentially-inconsistent data at this webpage:

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